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    Your Roadmap for your Renovation

  • Our Passion: Being your Advocate

    We always strive for the best.

    Being your Advocate is Important to Us

    Throughout our years of being design and built contractors we spent a lot of time during the planning stage with our clients to find the best possible solutions. And one of the key elements for this was listening to our clients and asking the right questions in the beginning. Often we had clients that were scared of renovations and who found the process daunting.


    We developed a process which is virtually stress-free. You may even have a lot of fun with it. Our process makes us much more than just your contractor: we are your advocates, we fight in your corner. Contractors, even large ones, usually have no time to delve into the reasons behind a renovation decision, they will only price what is asked of them. With our process we take the time to make sure you will get what you need and want, taking into considerations your budget, your timelines, your risk level, your comfort level with contractors and many more issues. If you decide after exploring your project that you would like to move house instead, we can help you there as well. Through our partners we can find you a new house, arrange for the financing and include renovations in the first mortgage.


    We have called the process ‘Roadmap to your Renovation". Achieving your dream house is a journey. Would you go on a road trip without a map? I guess not. Why would you embark on (probably) the second highest expense in your life (after buying the house) without proper guidance?

    Save Time & Money - Gain Peace of Mind

    The benefits to you are this simple, practical, and meaningful. We make your life easier.


    The wrong decision in a renovation can cost you thousands of dollars and a lot of wasted time (not to mention aggravation, frustration...stress). Good and thorough planning and getting the necessary know-how of the process, pitfalls and risk management will save you a lot of your hard earned money, help you navigate efficiently and reduce a lot of stress.


  • Our Unique Approach: Finding the Best Fit

    We always strive for the best.

    The Assessment, Report and Design Options

    The Wo-Built ‘Roadmap for your Renovation’ Assessment helps you formulate your ideal home and your ideal home renovation and enables you to communicate your visions to your contractor. In addition it outlines the process for you, teaches you what steps to do when, plan the project in great detail and gives you the confidence to embark on your project to achieve your ‘Dream House’.

    We developed the ‘Roadmap for your Renovation’ Assessment to provide you with an invaluable tool which will enable optimum understanding of your dream house and your own abilities to deal with the renovation. By exploring your individuality and your unique problems and situations you can really determine what you want and what will suit you ultimately. Communication will be so much more effective between all parties and the results so much more satisfying.

    The Assessment will enable you to voice your vision so much better than just showing the contractor magazines articles, pictures or design references from home improvement shows. This is seldom effective as the shows and magazines represent someone else's taste and situation. So the concept is the similar but different, and the difference is left to the interpretation of the contractor. Hence, often the results will fall short of expectations and disappointment is possible as everyone envisages similar things differently according to their own experience.

    The findings of the assessment are captured in the Wo-Built ‘Roadmap for your Renovation’ Report. If design options are required concept designs are explored in Wo-Built ‘Roadmap for your Renovation’ Design Options.

    The Wo-Built ‘Roadmap to your Renovation’ Assessment is the basis for the detailed design by an Interior Designer or Architect, a rough estimate of the costs and construction process, methods and timing. Having gone through the Assessment you are ready to proceed with confidence with your own designer/contractor or if you wish continue with Wo-Built into the Design and Build phase.

    Benefits of Impartiality

    The consultation and the report will outline the pro and cons of your project so you can make an informed decision. We can explore option with you and estimate the costs of each options. We help you find the best contractor, designer, technical support. We advise you on permits and getting through the process efficiently and we do the project management as well..  

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